Award Winning


A Janger is a lightweight, compact alternative to a traditional hanger. Originally designed to hang jeans (hence the name) they made waves in the B2B retail industry, with millions sold globally. However, Janger recognised that its product had huge potential to be popular in the B2C market, but it knew the utilitarian branding that made it such a B2B success would need to change. The company asked B&D to reposition Janger to reflect its new goals and aspirations, taking it from a functional B2B solution to a desirable B2C product.


/Website design & build
/E-commerce functionality
/Social media content
/Product photo shoot
/Key art
/Go-to-market strategy
/Focus group research

Perfect for travel.

Through our consumer research two elements quickly became clear: people were excited about the Janger’s potential for travel, and it was important that the Janger wasn’t environmentally harmful.

In response we created a brand that leans heavily on bright colours and uses illustrations to show the multiple (and varied) uses of Janger, particularly how easy it makes packing for holiday. A lot of our messaging highlights the recyclable nature of the Janger, and shows how much less plastic the product uses compared to traditional hangers.

The Janger wordmark takes on elements of the product. The letters are chunky and durable with rounded edges and bottom of the ‘J’ is extended, ready to have something hung on it.


Social content creation.

It was important for Janger to have a strong presence on social media. We incorporated a lot of motion in our designs, targeting Instagram with short 15-second clips as its where our audience spends a lot of time. As well as these short films, we created a suite of images for Janger to use and longer form videos to live on its website. Additionally we shot the Janger to show its practical applications, and employed direct, chatty language that pushed people to buy the product.