Campaign Results

23.3K Competition Entrants
1.8M Facebook Impressions
800 Laps Raced

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Global technology giant Lenovo was gearing up to launch its PC-gaming brand, Legion. The Legion product line features a mixture of high-end laptops and powerful desktop computers, all with enough power to run the latest games at high settings.

The gaming PC hardware market is fiercely competitive and packed with brands that exclusively specialise in this market. These brands command loyal audiences. Because of this Legion needs to be presented with a high level of authenticity and respect towards a vocal, and often fickle, PC-gaming audience that’s often weary of new brands.

Lenovo asked us to help with brand awareness for Legion and to specifically target professionals.


/Creative Direction
/Digital Design
/Front / Back-end development
Lenovo Legion Campaign

Standing apart from competitors.

The vast majority of gaming hardware is marketed to an audience that puts gaming front and centre in their personal identity. Products are designed with an aggressive and chunky design, often with neon lights. It all inadvertently pushes an idea that gaming is the preserve of teenage boys and young men.

Our campaign stepped away from ‘edgy’ or ‘x-treme’ campaigns and instead simply appeals to adults who enjoy gaming. We positioned Legion as the new badge of the modern gamer, replacing self-conscious Space-Invader icons and gaudy flashing lights that put as many people off as they appeal to.