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31.18m Instagram impressions
10.1m Facebook impressions
5.98m YouTube impressions

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AMD needed a campaign to brand and launch its Radeon Pro graphics cards in conjunction with the launch of the latest Apple MacBook Pro, within which the card would feature. AMD wanted to put a stamp on its professional credentials, so companies using its chips would be eager to promote them as key selling-points and the target audience would actively seek out its products.

We developed a campaign that focused on real people whose incredible work is only possible with access to laptops with powerful graphic card capabilities.


/Creative Direction
/Motion Graphics
/Film Production & Editing
/Digital Design & Build
/Print & Digital Artwork
/Social Influencer Campaign

A user-driven campaign.

We needed the target audience for Radeon Pro to understand the broad range of tasks the card could benefit, including VFX, engineering, design and almost all data-led science. We knew that highlighting the breadth of work the product could impact would run far deeper than any puff-piece advertising campaign ever could.

We wanted to tell stories of achievement through the eyes of The Creators.

Radeon Creators flora

Meet the Creators.

The campaign launched with a focus on three specific creators for whom mobile technology was a necessity. They were New York based VFX artist Jamie Scott, PhD Spatial Analyst Researcher Flora Roumpani and Cognitive Neuroscientist Steve Fleming. We celebrated our three Creators with powerful short films, telling the story of how they pushed the boundaries of possibility using the most advanced mobile technology available to them.

Structuring the campaign this way also allowed us to tie together work from disparate industries without muddling the message about who Radeon Pro is for.


"Too many technology campaigns focus on dry numbers which eventually all blur into each other. B&D’s work on ‘Meet the Creators’ focused on what creative results the chips make possible, rather than the products themselves; and put beautiful work, passion, and an influencer led-approach at the front of the campaign. Without question the most effective ‘pro’ campaign in recent memory."

Nick Knupffer - Director of Brand, AMD

Campaign support.

A dedicated website, built in-house acted as the focal point of the campaign, hosting the films and in-depth interviews with the Creators. We carried out detailed research into how to best reach our target audience over social media, creating strategies for YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, with each playing to that specific platform’s strengths for maximum efficiency.

This research highlighted how Instagram was the primary platform for creatives and so we focused our efforts on working with ‘influencers’ on that platform to create a global social media campaign to spread the message. We got an incredible 31.18m impressions on Instagram, as well as 10.1m impressions on Facebook and 5.98m impressions on YouTube.

Engaging the creative community.

While our campaign is led by our spectacular Creators, Radeon Pro gives anyone the tools to realise their creative ambitions.

We actively promoted this by inviting Creators all over the world to share their work on Instagram with the hashtag #RadeonCreators, with the dedicated Radeon Pro Instagram page featuring its favourites to help bring people’s visions to life.