Campaign Results

400% over target redemption
1.5k product demos
5k+ footfall


South Korean multinational conglomerate Samsung had a challenge. It was introducing NFC (Near Field Communication) technology, which enables innovations including touch payments into its products, but consumers weren’t familiar with the technology, or its benefits.

Samsung asked for our help and we suggested a series of events would be the best way to introduce, and exciting, people about the potential of NFC. However, we recognised this was about more than just educating end users; we needed to create a multi-pronged campaign to make NFC tech normal for retailers, venues, artists and consumers.


/event management
/data capture
/Venue liaison
/NFC integration
/Video Filming & Editing
/promotional merchandise

Galaxy Studios Live.

To show the incredible benefits of NFC we created a series of four live music events headlined by some of the biggest names in pop, rock and rap. At these gigs fans were able to do everything on their phones, including scanning their tickets at the door, accessing cloakrooms, unlocking exclusive content, and paying for drinks at the bars. The NFC technology built into Samsung’s phones enabled the entire experience to be ticketless and cashless, making life easier for both guests and venues. The process was so simple that we exceeded our redemption target by 400%

With over 5k in footfall and over 1.5k product demos, these truly felt like the gigs of the future and established Samsung as the masters of NFC technology.


Samsung Connected House.

Samsung was hosting an interactive exhibition stand to showcase its range of products during the O2 Retail Conference. We recognised the potential of this conference to demonstrate the power and flexibility of NFC to visitors, and designed and built a two-floor Samsung house, containing five rooms, packed with over 40 of Samsung’s latest smart products.

Visitors to the stand were given a sleek NFC wristband, which would open up all of the House’s features. Putting innovative tech in a familiar setting helped show people the tangible benefits NFC could have on their lives.

samsung connectedhouse

Turning heads at RTBE.

Samsung asked us to design, build and install its product display area at the Retail Business Technology Expo held at Earls Court 2. The Expo gives manufacturers of retail hardware and software the opportunity to present their products to both retailers and e-tailers, making it a perfect opportunity to demonstrate NFC to them.

Samsung had a broad range of new technologies available, including NFC, and we knew it was important to give realistic demonstrations of each for them to have an impact. To highlight these real-world benefits we built an area that took on the appearance of four retail and business environments where we could give demos: Grocer, Fashion, Café and Logistics.

Technologies on display included Large Format Displays, Shelf Tagging, RFID, Mobile POS, Virtual Dressing Room, Interactive Way finders, Mobile Printing, CCTV and Wi-Fi Networks and LED Lighting.

Samsung rtbe stand