Intel was gearing up to enter the computer graphics (GPU) market. But Intel had a problem: consumers see Intel as a powerful and wealthy company where success is all but guaranteed.

If expectations weren’t managed people might assume Intel would immediately become an industry-leader, and anything less would be an embarrassing failure or a sign of not being properly committed to the market.

Because of this it was vital to create a strong community around the pending product launches. A community that would be encouraged to contribute, share ideas and support other members

We built a story around Intel at the start of an epic journey of discovery.
And so the Odyssey was born.


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Intel Odyssey Logo

Teasing what’s to come.

We positioned Intel as being on a journey of discovery, and invited computer users around the world to join the company as it listened and learned on its path to innovation. We called this journey the Odyssey.

We treated the Odyssey how you might imagine a Hollywood film would be promoted, with a teaser trailer. We created a film showing people journeying through impossibly vast salt flats, flashing up text with our mission statement. The film made Intel’s intentions clear while also showing its understanding that it would be no easy task.

Intel Odyssey - Overview