In a post-facts, post-experts world (thanks Trump…) it is harder than ever to get people to see past their opinions and bias.

Good market research businesses can provide the data we need, even if we don’t like it. Businesses like Savanta go even further: not only providing the data, but the bipartisan, brutally honest and actionable insights that can help to make the right decisions for your business.

Savanta wanted to make bold statements about their approach, as a gateway for like-minded (meaning open-minded) people to find out more about their huge suite of services and products in the research and insights arena.

This would be a simple LinkedIn campaign, and so we had to grab the incredibly short attention span of business thumb-scrollers, especially for something that might usually be perceived as quite dry. Data, after all, isn’t sexy unless you’re a data scientist.


/Campaign design


We wanted Savanta to feel human. Though they use a multitude of razor-edge technologies to do their work, they are also a set of highly intelligent and dedicated professionals whose input and intelligence is essential to any project.

So we need to give Savanta a personality. And that personality should have a clear, powerful and confident voice. They KNOW what they know, and who they are. Which also invites a sense of humour. Nothing connotes confidence like wit.

Though they use graphs and charts, Savanta is really about words. Important, world-changing words. Therefore we designed a series of ads with nothing but pure copy. No distractions. No gloss. Just pure, powerful, cleverly considered words.

Tonally, the copy is inherently human. It uses wordplay, literation, knowingness and even puns. It’s designed to read twice; to force a second read.

Content-wise, each ad combines a subtle ‘sell’ of Savanta’s services wrapped in topical or commonly themes.


An average 12% conversion rate, nearly double the benchmark for LinkedIn. And that’s before considering the niche market appeal. As a straightforward brand campaign with no offer or viewer expectation, this is arguably Savanta’s most successful ad campaign ever.