"An outstanding job, very tastefully done."

Joe Davidsohn - CEO


FinTech innovator Reguliant supports the financial industry in dealing with compliance, a sector that has paid roughly $321 billion in penalties between 2009 and 2016. Reguliant’s platform simplifies the process, resulting in dramatic savings in the time and money spent on reporting, while removing incentives for risky corner cutting.

We created a brand for Reguliant which separated it from stuffy financial institutions and aligned it closer to modern tech companies, while still appealing to powerful decision makers in big companies.


/Creative Direction
/Brand Identity Creation
/Brand Launch
/Digital Design & Build
/Brand Roll Out

A responsive website.

While Reguliant’s service is innovative and carries huge benefits, companies are used to the current status quo. We needed to clearly and concisely explain the potential benefits to everyone from end-users to company decision makers.

To do this we created a bespoke, streamlined and elegant information website, which focused on the ways Reguliant would improve their reporting processes, as well as assure readers of its technological, and financial, pedigree. We also designed numerous products including stationary, lanyards and clothing, using the branding we developed.