Senior Motion Graphics Designer


We’re looking for a passionate and motivated Senior Motion Graphics Designer to join a vibrant, multi-award winning and fast-growing creative agency.

Reporting to the Creative Director and Head of Video, we’re looking for someone who loves everything and anything motion graphics. You should have the passion, creativity and flair to take on any brief and come up with exciting, slick and compelling visuals for a number of high-end clients.

The ideal candidate will have previous experience under their belt (5 years min) and the ability to deliver projects independently as well as the lead of a small motion graphics team. You’ll be able to inspires others with a strong focus on developing the team’s artistic and technical skills and driving efficiencies through the creative workflow.

The ability to understand briefs and take on a project from storyboard to completion is key. Great communication skills and the ability to contribute ideas is also a great asset we’d be looking for – We don’t want a button pusher, we want someone we can collaborate with. We want someone with a designer’s eye and a conceptual brain.

Key Traits

You’re a highly creative, ideas person and naturally talented motion graphics artist who’s looking for an opportunity to get stuck into a varied set of clients and projects. You’re passionate about design, high quality output and understand how to deliver award winning creative projects.

You don’t just implement what is asked of you, but are capable of thinking creatively and suggest stylistic solutions. You’re on top of design trends and are always looking for the next big thing.

You understand the pressures of working for a busy creative studio, but that doesn’t stop you delivering at your best. You’re willing to work with others, learn new skills and lead your own creative projects when required.

Skills & Competencies

  • You will have 5+ years’ experience in a creative/design agency.
  • You must be highly self-motivated, as well as a team player.
  • A balanced and diverse portfolio of work that demonstrates different techniques of motion design and animation. Show an understanding of different rendering techniques, and be technically proficient across different skills within motion design.
  • Strong creative and technical skills in C4D and After Effects specifically required. As well as great knowledge of Adobe Creative Suite – Editing in Premier Pro is a bonus.
  • Knowledge of third-party rendering software such as Arnold, VRay, Redshift and Octane.
  • Working knowledge or interest in Houdini is a plus.
  • Excellent grasp of communicating messages in video format in a clean, well thought out way.
  • Excellent creative/conceptual thinking and idea generation skills.
  • Show an artistic and innovative eye, you must understand design principles as well as motion design. Be sensitive to design theory such as layout and typography and show visual skills beyond key-frames and technical knowledge.
  • Ability to work to tight deadlines & often under pressure.
  • Ability to mentor talent to ensure that they achieve their potential.
  • Ability to problem-solve project briefs and consider various routes to ensure delivery.
  • Excel in both 3D/2D projects, but also with 3D modelling and product texturing.
  • Great communication skills, ability to articulate ideas within a team environment and excellent client facing skills.
£45-£55k pa subject to experience

As a B&D employee, you get free breakfast, bike storage, showers, quarterly outings, annual awards, spot bonuses, training budgets, senior management mentoring and Forced Friday Fun. It’s just a name; it really is fun. We down tools at 5pm every Friday and all enjoy a cold one in reception.


Primarily 5 – 6 Mallow Street, London, EC1Y.

About B&D

We’re an integrated, creative-led marketing agency. We’re privately owned, fully independent and owner-managed and have enjoyed nearly 16 successful years in business. Our central purpose is to be indispensable to busy businesses by delivering creative solutions that matter.

B&D Culture

We believe our Focused Imagination ensures that what we do really matters. We’re obsessed with detail and craftsmanship because we always, ALWAYS deliver. We have to – it’s in our name. That means we have an incredible work ethic and do whatever it takes. This is how we generate our personal satisfaction and pride – that, and our enviable awards cabinet and consistent press coverage. We do all this by having the best people, who relish well-earned praise and strive to better themselves and the agency in everything they do. We operate a zero-tolerance policy for egos and bullshit. And when the work is done, we make sure we reward ourselves in ever-increasingly creative ways.

B&D Community

We know how lucky we are. We work in a creative, respectful environment, which offers opportunity, experience, education and pride. Being a central London agency we know there are talented and focused young people whose life situation means they’ll probably never get a chance to work in our industry. Our mission is to change that. We actively support a prevention and intervention charity focused on young people at risk of taking the wrong path. We help design inspiring programmes that given experience and insight into our world, motivating them to strive for achievement despite their surroundings and influences.


We’re very specific about how you apply to work with us, because we’re very specific about the people who work here. If you think you’re the ideal person and are simply aching to join us, then follow these instructions very carefully. Yes, following simple instructions is the first test…

Ensure you have a fully up-to-date CV which must contain ALL of your education history, ALL of your previous work history from the very beginning, and must include your annual compensation for each job, including bonuses, rises, promotions and other benefits.

You must also be prepared (at a later stage) to name your direct supervisors, managers or bosses from each former or current job. It is an absolute, unwavering and emphatically enforced rule that you will arrange at least two reference phone calls if you progress past interview stage. Please be prepared for that.

Please write a beautifully crafted cover letter explaining why you’re the perfect person. Pitch yourself as if you’re your own favourite brand. No more than one side of A4, and don’t feel obliged to ‘design it’ – we’re judging what you say and how you say it, not whether you can use inDesign (unless you’re going for a creative role in which case, go to town).

Once you’re satisfied, send your CV and cover letter via email to by the deadline quoted.

How it works
You send your CV and cover letter and we’ll make sure you’ve detailed everything we asked for. If not, game over. If you have done what’s been asked, we’ll evaluate the detail.

If you make the shortlist – normally only 5-8 do – well done! We’ll contact you either for an initial telephone interview (assume 30-45mins) or jump straight to an interview. We can’t contact everyone, sorry, so if you don’t hear from us we just don’t think your detail was for us.

If you’re asked to an interview, make sure you know your stuff. We going to ask you to recall your experiences evaluate your previous history and discuss your current capabilities. It’s worth thinking about that ahead of time.

Depending on the role, there’s likely to be a few quick-fire tests thrown in too – nothing too strenuous, but things that reflect some of the work and situations we enjoy here every day.

All of this will take around 90 mins or more so make sure you make enough time. At the end of the interview we’ll isolate at least two references for you to contact and arrange calls with. No matter how good you seem on paper and in person, if we can’t hear it echoed from your past, there’s no job.

We’ll let you know the outcome of the interview and reference calls one way or another. We often need a second interview, so don’t be surprised if that happens too.

We only want the best, most honest and most dedicated people. If you’re going to fall at a hurdle, this process saves us both a lot of time. If you can handle what we’re asking, then you’re halfway there.

For the record, in nearly 16 years of business we have the lowest staff turnover we’ve ever heard of, and no one has ever resigned to join another agency. We take our time to make sure our people are perfect for B&D, and equally, that B&D is perfect for them.



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