Account Manager


You will be a key member of the team, supporting the senior account managers in delivering award-­‐winning projects.  Working across marketing & event disciplines, you’ll be responsible for the day­‐to‐day management of key client accounts.

You’ll have previous experience with an agency and specifically within events or a creative environment. You’ll have strong organisation and project management skills, capable of delivering perfection on time and budget.

You will be responsible for:
Planning and implement exciting, cost effective, & targeted marketing campaigns
Running events (UK or worldwide)
Preparing, writing and delivering client proposals
Sourcing & securing appropriate suppliers
Managing a number of aspects of client accounts
Overseeing budgets

Key Traits

A perfectionist when it comes to service and delivery for clients, personable and charismatic with a strong and focused confidence. You’ll be highly motivated and energetic.

You will have:
Fantastic communication skills
Flawless attention to detail
Exceptional time management
Creative ideas to astound
Be outstanding on all the usual Microsoft products
The ability to think how to solve a problem, plus the capacity to go out & put your plan into action
Slick & confident proposal writing and delivery skills

You will be:
Creative, confident and passionate about your work
Exceptional at financial and budgeting tasks
Incredibly detailed and organised
Experienced in delivering excellent client management with proven results  Familiar with working in a fast paced dynamic and adaptable environment

You will consider yourself a 5 out of 5 in the following:
Analysis skills
Decision Making
Strategic skills
Stress Management

£26-­£28,000 per annum subject to experience

As an B&D employee, you get an unrestricted mobile phone (within reason), free breakfast, bike storage, showers, quarterly outings, annual awards, spot prizes, training budgets, senior management mentoring and Forced Friday Fun. It’s just a name; it really is fun, albeit forced.


Primarily 5 – 6 Mallow Street, London, EC1Y, but will include travel from time to time.

About B&D
We’re an integrated, creative‐led marketing agency. We’re privately owned, fully independent and owner‐managed and have enjoyed 17 successful years in business. Our central purpose is to be indispensable to busy businesses by delivering creative solutions that matter.

B&D Culture
We believe our Focused Imagination ensures that what we do really matters. We’re obsessed with detail and craftsmanship because we always, ALWAYS deliver. We have to -­‐ it’s in our name. That means we have an incredible work ethic and do whatever it takes. This is how we generate our personal satisfaction and pride -­‐ that, and our enviable awards cabinet and consistent press coverage.

B&D Community
We know how lucky we are. We work in a creative, respectful environment which offers opportunity, experience, education and pride. Being a central London agency we know there are talented and focused young people whose life situation means they’ll probably never get a chance to work in our industry. Our mission is to change that. We actively support a prevention and intervention charity focused on young people at risk of taking the wrong path. We help design inspiring programmes that given experience and insight into our world, motivating them to strive for achievement despite their surroundings and influences.


What to do
We’re very specific about how you apply to work with us, because we’re very specific about the people who work here. If you think you’re the ideal person and are simply aching to join us, then follow these instructions very carefully. Yes, following simple instructions is the first test…

Ensure you have a fully up­‐to-date CV which must contain ALL of your education history, ALL of your previous work history from the very beginning, and must include your annual compensation for each job, including bonuses, rises, promotions and other benefits.

You must also be prepared (at a later stage) to name your direct supervisors, managers or bosses from each former or current job. It is an absolute, unwavering and emphatically enforced rule that you will arrange at least two reference phone calls if you progress past interview stage. Please be prepared for that.

Please write a beautifully crafted cover letter explaining why you’re the perfect person. Pitch yourself as if you’re your own favourite brand. No more than one side of A4, and don’t feel obliged to ‘design it’ ‐ we’re judging what you say and how you say it, not whether you can use inDesign (unless you’re going for a creative role in which case, go to town).

Once you’re satisfied, send your CV and cover letter via email to by the deadline quoted above.

How it works
You send your CV and cover letter and we’ll make sure you’ve detailed everything we asked for. If you have done what’s been asked, we’ll evaluate the detail.
If you make the shortlist ‐ normally only 5‐8 do, well done! We’ll contact you either for an initial telephone interview (assume 30-­‐45mins) or jump straight to an interview. We can’t contact everyone, sorry, so if you don’t hear from us we just don’t think your detail was for us.

If you’re asked to an interview, make sure you know your stuff. We going to ask you to recall your experiences evaluate your previous history and discuss your current capabilities. It’s worth thinking about that ahead of time.

Depending on the role, there’s likely to be a few quick‐fire tests thrown in too ­‐ nothing too strenuous, but things that reflect some of the work and situations we enjoy here every day.
All of this will take around 90mins or more so make sure you make enough time. At the end of the interview we’ll isolate at least two references for you to contact and arrange calls with. No matter how good you seem on paper and in person, if we can’t hear it echoed from your past, there’s no job.

We’ll let you know the outcome of the interview and reference calls one way or another. We often need a second interview, so don’t be surprised if that happens too.
We only want the best, most honest and most dedicated people. If you’re going to fall at a hurdle, this process saves us both a lot of time. If you can handle what we’re asking, then you’re halfway there. For the record, in 17 years of business we have the lowest staff turnover we’ve ever heard of, and no one has ever resigned to join another agency. We take our time to make sure our people are perfect for B&D, and equally, that B&D is perfect for them.



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