Making a statement for Three at the Great British Entrepreneur Awards

Three wanted to make the most of its premium sponsor status at the Great British Entrepreneur Awards extremely. We helped the telecoms giant reinforce its “Three Means Business” professional services with a playful experiential space.

The Great British Entrepreneur celebrates the best small businesses and entrepreneurs in Great Britain and Northern Ireland, through a community of businesses and industry leading experts. It’s a full evening packed with inspirational speakers, a glittering awards presentation and entertainment. Of the 500 attendees on the evening, 70% are estimated to be small business owners. It was the perfect opportunity to showcase its “Three Means Business” professional services.

Three’s professional services target a gap in the market, offering business services to smaller organisations services which would otherwise be too expensive. Its partnered with companies like Wix, FreshBooks, WeWork and Moo to save people hundreds of pounds on useful stuff like office space, accounts software, business stationery and web-building tools. It has various other benefits from simplified billing, rewards and dedicated support.

Three asked us to design and produce a 10x7m experiential space to showcase Three Means Business. Three is a premium partner to the GBEAs and wanted to create something which will cement its tie with small businesses and its support of British businesses and entrepreneurs.

Our stand playfully liked to Three’s ‘Business on the golf course’ theme, with some fun twists thrown in for good measure. Firstly, we had four mini golf courses, each one branded to link to a Three Means Business partner. (WeWork, MOO, Wix and FreshBooks.)

There was also ‘Three Means Business’ in large LED letters as one of the focal points of the stand. The striking display drew attention and acted as a brilliant photo opportunity for our on-site photographer. Group photos were instantly printed (as well as emailed to attendees) and could be shared with on social media using the #GBEA & #ThreeMeansBusiness hashtags.

We also attention-grabbing ‘mist orbs’ for guests to try. They use ultrasonic vaporisation and produce an edible cloud of micro mist which can be ‘drank’ using a straw. We had different flavours to try, and a mixture of alcoholic and non-alcoholic versions.

Our fun interactions helped build excitement for the rest of the event, justified Three’s involvement and helped spread the Three Means Business packages for small business owners.