Delivering Christmas for Google Cloud

It’s crucial for Google Cloud to keep its products in the minds of business decision makers. Even at Christmas! We created an Advent Calendar packed with info about its services (and chocolate!) for them to send out.

Google Cloud is one of the After running Google Cloud’s previous Direct Mail campaign we were asked to design and execute a new version, themed around Christmas. We knew Advent Calendars were the way to go! They’d stick around for a month and give the recipient a reason to focus on it each day.

Of the four creative routes we pitched, our festive polar scene was the option Google chose. It included numerous nods to Google’s scalable technology solutions. Along with the Advent Calendar we also sent a Christmas card that outlined the benefits of Google Cloud in more detail.  We sent our Advent Calendars to 2,000 contacts across Northern Europe. We handled the logistics to ensure all the Calendars arrived on time.