Creating an LG product showcase

We designed and built a memorable product showcase for LG’s various product suites, including Home Electronics, Home Appliances and Composite Audio Visual.

LG has relied on us to showcase its products on numerous occasions and asked us to work alongside it for 2019’s Dixons Peak Conference.

Its challenge to us was to display its current range of Home Electronics (HE), Home Appliances (HA) and Composite Audio Visual (CAV) products in a way that highlighted their unique features. It also asked us to help inject some energy into its expo presentation.

We split our display into subtle but distinct areas for each product range, mimicking the layout of a home. By sectioning these products their place in the home we were able to tailor artwork to the products around them.

To engage and increase footfall to the stand we created a Lucky Dip ‘Claw’ game for attendees to try. This game always let players ‘win’, and grabbed them a stress ball as a prize. However, if a red stress ball has picked up the player would win a NowTV sky sports bundle or a NowTV entertainment pass.

For the expo presentation we updated the deck design and added in a short quiz to test people on their knowledge. We had 343 people interact with the stand and 109 people enter the presentation quiz.