Showcasing the wonder of LG OLED TV

We brought LG OLED TVs to life with a series of animated banners focusing on gaming, sports, entertainment and movies. The campaign centred around the strapline “The Wonder of LG OLED TV” and was so popular LG widened its scope from being UK-only to appearing across Europe.

We’ve created the digital banners to promote LG’s OLED range for several years and we wanted to try something new to increase engagement. We took key art from LG’s head office and created animated banners that were striking enough to communicate the stunning visuals of OLED, while retaining the small file size required for digital banners.

LG wasn’t expecting our latest round of banners to be animated and were thrilled with the results, especially when they saw the increased click rates! Instead of the banners simply displaying in the UK, the campaign was so popular LG rolled it out to teams in Europe as well.