Creating a gaming microsite for Lenovo Legion

Following a successful brand re-launch, global technology giant Lenovo asked us to design a follow-up campaign to celebrate its new Y740 gaming laptop.

The Legion product line features a mixture of high-end laptops and desktop computers, all with enough power to run the latest games at high settings.  The brand is aimed at busy professionals, who don’t define themselves as ‘gamers’ in the traditional sense. Their interest in gaming sits alongside their interest in food, fashion, film and music.

Our relaunch of Lenovo’s dedicated gaming hardware range, named Legion, increased awareness amongst the relevant target audience. One of the the drivers of that success was our online quiz that asked visitors about their gaming habits, before passing judgement on whether they’re “Legion” or not.

The online quiz, and its corresponding competition, was so successful that Lenovo asked us to create a follow-up to showcase the launch of its new Y740 gaming laptop. This time our microsite included more interactive elements, such as parallax scrolling and a new scoring system that didn’t just tell people if they were Legion, it told them exactly what percentage they were. It prompted playful sharing of scores amongst visitors, eager to one-up their friends. Everyone taking part in the quiz was entered into a prize draw to win a Y740 as well as being showing the rest of the Legion product range.

The competition is still live but results have already surpassed the previous iteration of the activation.