Heading to Center Parcs with Three

Three wanted to step away from a dry conference for its annual retail roadshow. Instead it invited its retail store managers to Center Parcs for two days so they could unwind and get some insight into the strategic direction Three is heading.

Retail Conferences are an important event for big companies to involve store mangers in decision-making and bringing people together. However, they’re all too often relegated to a dry conference that people sit and daydream through. Three wanted to avoid this when it asked us to help set up a conference for all of its retail store managers. It asked us to reframe the event as more of a retreat for store managers, turning it into something to look forward to rather than a boring obligation.

We invited managers to Center Parcs for a two-day event. The first day the guests could get stuck into an activity of their choice, before letting their hair down at an evening party. The next day was a conference designed to connect retail store managers to senior staff, involve them in Three’s strategy for the next period and remind them how vital they are to the company’s success. The structure of the conference was split into shorter, more digestible chunks and content was vibrant and engaging.

Three was pleased with the event and plans to follow a similar structure for future events.