Creating a showcase for LG’s V50 smartphone

LG attended EE Live, an internal conference designed to update EE staff on the company’s latest news. We helped show off LG’s 5G-equipped V50 smartphone, available exclusively on EE.

EE Live is a chance for telecoms network EE to include its staff in the company’s news, strategy and results. One of EE’s big focuses over the next few years is the introduction and support of 5G mobile networks, which provide data at hugely increased speeds.

This new network is only supported by newer handsets, such as LG’s new V50. LG was invited to attend EE Live to show off its new phone to EE staff.

We created a breakout space to demo the V50, focused on its main features. Our main focus was on how 5G data allows people to play online games on their phones. The V50 has an amazing dual screen set up, that allows the action to be displayed on one screen with the controls on the other. It makes the prospect of a quick Fortnite game on the bus a reality!

We hooked the V50 up to a giant screen, so people could see this concept blown up to huge proportions. Visitors to the stand were able to get hands on with the phone, play online through the 5G network and understand its feature set to help them better sell to EE customers.

Image: LG