Helping Three celebrate Pride

Three wanted to send a message to everyone in the UK that they’re all welcome. The telecoms innovator changed its #PhonesAreGood slogan to #LoveIsGood and asked us to help it celebrate Pride across the UK.

Three’s flagship store is close to the Pride in London Parade route the network wanted to use the opportunity to show its LGBT+ customers its support.

It asked us to help transform a section of its store into a preparation area for revellers to get ready for the Parade. We’re installing a glitter station for people to glam up without worrying about having to clean up afterwards! We’re also inviting a well-known drag queen to host and get people energised for the party.

Three was also conscious of making the activation more meaningful. It is leveraging its existing partnership with Attitude and The Attitude Foundation, and will be requesting donations for everyone who wants to be involved.