B&D connects Jabra to its audiences with bespoke content

We created a series of customer profiles and detailed feature breakdowns for Jabra’s latest headphone ranges. The content, designed to help sales staff connect with potential customers, is being rolled out internally across the UK.

Jabra’s latest headphone range launched into an incredible competitive space with several powerful brands vying for dominance. Jabra asked us to create content designed to help sales staff understand the strengths of Jabra’s range.

We did have one ace up our sleeve: Thanks to Jabra’s engineers, its headphones offered better sound quality and more features than many of the competition, while beating them on price.
We created a product info cards that distilled all this information into bite-sized chunks of information that specifically detail the benefit to the customer. It allowed to sales-staff to have talking points about specific products and gave them the ability to elaborate on their real-world benefits.

We also created typical customer profiles, including categories like ‘Commuter’, ‘Competitive Runner,’ and ‘Gym-Goer’. We explained exactly which products would suit these profiles and why they were such a good fit.