Computex 2019’s biggest announcements

We spent last week in Taiwan for Computex, the leading global IT and Internet of Things show. The biggest names in tech shared their latest announcements and plans for the future.

Here are just a couple of product reveals that we’re particular excited about.

Intel’s 10nm chips

Intel announced its 10nm ‘Ice Lake‘ processors will arrive in laptops by the end of the year. The chips come in the usual Intel varieties from Core i3 to Core 97, boasting up to 4-coures and 8-threads. We’re particularly interested to see the effect its 4.1GHz turbo speed boost will have. The company is promisingĀ improved gaming support on the go. If that means impromptu matches of Rainbow Six: Seige, we’re in!

This all ties into a new initiative called Project Athena, which strives to advance performance, battery life, connectivity amongst other things.

Alienware’s m15 and m17 laptops

Updated hardware, designed to stay cooler, even thinner chassis. What more could you want from a beefy gaming laptop? The laptops both run on high-performing 9th-generation Intel Core i5 to i9 CPUs and the lowest GPU option is theĀ Nvidia GeForce GTX 1650. (The lowest!) That’s some serious gaming power in your backpack.

MSI’s curved PC case

This one grabbed our attention right away. MSI’s curved PC case (a world first, you know) should appeal to rig-builders who really want to show off their prized components. Its open-air chassis means you’ll be able to arrange your components as you see fit rather than packing them away out of sight. Not for those looking to save space, but you’ve got to admire MSI for pushing chassis design in a new direction.