B&D educates Dixons staff on LG products

Arming retail staff with the right product knowledge is crucial in the competitive world of consumer electronics. We created an environment for LG to share key product features on its TV and speaker ranges.

We toured the UK over three weeks and visited seven locations, showcasing LG’s television and audio products to Dixon’s management and retail staff.

In order to fully bring each product range to life we created separate rooms for each. In the television room we focused on three areas: gaming, movies and streaming/entertainment. Each of these segments highlighted a different product benefit of LG’s TV range. Gaming focused on the responsiveness of the image, movies on the incredible colours (and deep, dark blacks!), while entertainment highlighted their smart capabilities.

In the audio room we did something a little different. We wanted to communicate the idea that, when you turn on an LG audio system, you’re transported to a festival. Visually we used UV glow sticks and other props to invoke the festival spirit and create a party wherever we were.

We had 1600 attendees across the various locations.