B&D embraces silence to highlight the power of Jabra’s noise cancelling tech

We recreated a slice of a London Underground tube carriage to demonstrate the strength of Jabra’s smart noise cancelling tech.

Jabra asked us to deliver a live experiential stand for two different events to display Jabra’s new product – the Elite 85h and its smart noise cancelling tech.

We wanted to capture a time when people are most eager to shut out the world around them. For us, that’s being on a packed Tube train in the middle of rush hour. Sometimes it’s too loud to think, and other times you need to listen to important announcements! We knew this sound-shifting would be the perfect way to demonstrate the Elite 85h’s ability to automatically switch between two noise-cancelling settings.

So, we created a small slice of the London Underground with our bespoke Tube carriage! Its was designed to be able to close off from the rest of the room (mind those closing doors!) so demos could be conducted in a controlled environment. Demos would demonstrate the headphone’s ability to automatically switch between different noise-cancelling profiles in order to get the best audio quality for the wearer. It also used its HearThrough technology to make sure its wearer can still hear any important announcements.

The outside of the carriage was decorated with Jabra branding and spaces where the company could promote its products to people waiting for individual demos.