B&D creates B2B showcase for LG

After winning LG’s trade events contract for 2019 our first job was to design and create a fully flexible and modular stand to display premium products at the tech giant’s trade events.

For the last three years we have produced LG’s trade events, showcasing the company’s products to third party retailers. This year LG highlighted the wide variety of event spaces it needed to work within and asked us for the best solution.

Our response was to provide a modular stand to maintain consistency and quality at all events LG attends, as we can work to the specific dimensions of each show. There are three main elements which combine in a variety of ways to showcase the brand and products

Category specific product display units
There are three display units; TV, Audio and Appliances. These individual units connect to create a premium looking showcase, whatever the space available.

Adjustable Branding
Logos and graphics are designed to be adjusted so they can display at various heights and positions.

ThinQ Smart Zone
This enclosed booth is dedicated to customer engagement. It offers the chance for staff to demo products, learn about the brand and enter competitions in a focused environment.