B&D launches dedicated gaming brand for Lenovo

Global technology giant Lenovo has appointed Brand & Deliver to launch its dedicated gaming hardware range, named Legion. The agency’s brief is to increase awareness for the new brand amongst the relevant target audience.

The Legion product line features a mixture of high-end laptops and desktop computers, all with enough power to run the latest games at high settings. The brand is aimed at busy professionals, who don’t define themselves as ‘gamers’ in the traditional sense. Their interest in gaming sits alongside their interest in food, fashion, film and music.

Brand & Deliver positioned Legion as the new badge of the modern gamer, replacing pixel-art icons and gaudy flashing lights with a stylish brand that appeals to professionals. A layer of exclusivity was created around Legion, similar to how members’ club do for their guests. The launch asked a simple question to users: “Are you Legion?”

Central to the campaign was an online quiz that asked visitors about their gaming habits, before passing judgement on whether they’re “Legion” or not. The website then recommends a Legion product based on their answers, and enters them into a prize draw to win a gaming bundle tailored to their playing preferences.

The quiz was supported by various activations. Commuters at Canary Wharf were given the chance to log their fastest lap on racing simulators running on Legion laptops. At Liverpool Street giant screens were installed, featuring archetypical video-gamer characters which would perfectly mimic people’s movements as they walked past. Lastly, bespoke PoS Legion scanners gave discounts after analysing how ‘Legion’ shoppers were.

The launch has been a success, with nearly 30,000 entrants signing up to see if they’re “Legion” and the product range outperforming sales targets.

Hayley Lawrence, Managing Director at B&D, said: “The success of the Legion brand shows there’s a mature, professional audience for gaming that’s waiting to be acknowledged. We’re proud our work has helped Lenovo’s brand to stand out in a competitive marketplace.”

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