Turning heads at Future Decoded

Our client Lenovo was a Platinum Sponsor of Microsoft’s Future Decoded tech event. We created a multi-area stand to make our client stand out from the crowd.

Following the successful Bett stand, Retail Pop Up and RBTE stand delivered for Lenovo earlier this year, we were asked to design, build and manage a stand at Microsoft’s Future Decoded event, showcasing its latest commercial products, as well as its AzureStack server units.

Due to Lenovo’s position as a Platinum Sponsor (And due to the presence of stands from competitors) it naturally wanted to be bold, premium and interactive to stand out from the rest.

We created a VIP experience with a premium feel. We used high-end materials and built the stand on a raised platform, meaning delegates had to step up onto the stand to enjoy the raise experience inside.

The stand also needed to communicate the ThinkPad range, taking creative and inspiration from its “This is not a laptop” campaign.  We did this by creating four separate “environments” to show how the laptops can be used anywhere, anytime. These were a coffee shop, a kitchen, a boardroom and a train environment.

For our hero piece, we created a bespoke fully functional tube seat which sat centre front of the plinth. It was the first part of the stand the delegates saw as they approached, causing intrigue.

We gave the delegates the opportunity to remain out of the hustle and bustle of the expo on our first-class stand offering an exclusive, branded bottle of water in our bar area. We decided to provide water bottles as giveaways, as they are physically used within the expo rather than being chucked into a bag. This gave Lenovo greater brand visibility and awareness throughout the expo. These were very well received from delegates, workers and Lenovo staff.

Finally, we provided a secure charging station for all types of phones and tablets. This allowed the Lenovo team to interact and engage with them on the stand while they waited for their phones to charge.