Introducing consumers to Janger

Janger is a practical, eco-friendly alternative to the humble coat hanger. It has a strong industry presence but hadn’t targeted consumers yet. We created a brand and strategy to help Janger achieve exactly that.

Retailers across the UK have been using Jangers for years to save space and reduce transport costs. However, the company knew that Janger would be perfect to save space and reduce clutter around the home as well as making packing for holiday’s a breeze. (Have you ever tried to pack a normal coat hang!?) It asked us to help reposition the brand for a consumer audience.

To do this we knew we needed to make Janger simple to understand, give people additional reasons to buy and be highly-targeted with our positioning. We led focus groups and researched consumer preferences as a result highlighted three key elements of the brand: it’s great for travel, great for home and, finally, it’s eco-friendly.

We created a brand that leans heavily on bright colours and uses illustrations to show Janger as the ultimate travel companion that’s handy around the home. Our messaging took on a warm, friendly tone and always referred back those three key elements. We also highlighted some of the impracticalities (and environmental problems) with traditional hangers.

Lastly, the Janger wordmark takes on elements of the product. The letters are chunky and durable with rounded edges and bottom of the ‘J’ is ready to have something hung on it.

So next time you take a trip make sure you pack Janger, the ultimate travel hanger.