B&D Marks St Pancras 150th Anniversary

We paid homage to the 150-year anniversary of King’s Cross Station in this picnic area designed to transport commuters back to when the iconic station first opened in 1868.

This year marks the 150th year anniversary of the iconic King’s Cross St Pancras. St Pancras wanted to commemorate the occasion and asked for our help. Their brief was for us to bring the history of the station to life and transport people back to what King’s Cross would have been like 150 years ago.

We responded by creating a serene picnic area for commuters to escape from the hustle and bustle and have a space to relax and take a moment for themselves. The enclosed space featured authentic beer barrels, working jukeboxes, historical information boards and, of course, picnic tables.

We created signage to promote the area throughout the station, particularly highlighting the historical significance as well as the jukeboxes.

The picnic area provided a welcome space for commuters, where it’s all too easy to get caught up in the rush!