Deezer appoints B&D to create merchandise toolkit


Paris-based music streaming service Deezer has appointed us to design its merchandise toolkit for its international teams, in order to ensure a consistent feel across its products and giveaways.

Deezer is a music streaming service, which allows users to listen to music from record labels including Sony, Universal Music Group and Warner Music Group on various devices online or offline. It has 14m active users across more than 180 countries.

Our brief is to create a modern toolkit for Deezer to use to create the its merchandise from. The assets have to work across several languages and be flexible enough to quickly be applied to merch at pop-up gigs and events.

Rob Pratt, Design Director at Brand & Deliver, said “We created a toolkit that built on Deezers use of bold colours and geometric shapes, creating a modern and flexible set of assets that could easily applied to a variety of products. As the work would be used by Deezer’s teams in various countries we created playful slogans that would translate across languages, as well as country-specific copy lines that played on local phrases. This allowed the work to feel both cohesive and inclusive of Deezer users worldwide.

Brand & Deliver is employed by a number of leading technology companies to develop their brands and product marketing.