Reguliant appointment to handle brand identity

FinTech innovator Reguliant has appointed Brand & Deliver to develop its brand identity and positioning strategy, following successful work B&D performed for financial technology giant, Davidsohn.

Reguliant supports the financial industry in dealing with compliance, a sector that has paid roughly $321 billion in penalties between 2009 and 2016. Reguliant’s platform simplifies the process, resulting in dramatic savings in the time and money spent on reporting, while removing incentives for risky corner cutting.

Brand & Deliver’s brief is to create a modern FinTech feel for the brand, positioning it away from banks and other financial organisations. As part of the work, Brand & Deliver will also build and provide content for the Reguliant website.

Ben Gallop, CEO at Brand & Deliver, said “Reguliant’s mission to revitalise how compliance is handled is no small task, but with the combination of its ground breaking tech and the right brand positioning it’s a goal I’m confident the company will achieve. We’re excited to be part of such an innovative company.”

Brand & Deliver is employed by a number of leading technology companies to develop their brands and product marketing.

Photo by Anthony DELANOIX on Unsplash