CIM Marketing Excellence Award Agency of The Year

The Brief

Our client Three wanted to expand its yearly internal business direction and strategy conference, which historically was exclusively for the sales team. This year Three wanted to address a wider range of staff and had invited 2,000 employees from all areas of the business, from senior staff to new starters.

Because of this wider focus we knew the tone and theme of the event had to hit the right notes. We wanted to create a sense of excitement for Three’s future and dubbed the event Bring it On, emulating the fanfare surrounding a major sporting spectacle.

The Activation

The Activation

Every stage of the event had to excite and entertain, and with 2,000 people coming we had to make sure everything flowed nicely. We couldn’t have a situation where we found ourselves dealing with a 2,000-person queue.


We split staff into six different teams, encouraging them to compete against each other in friendly games and activities to score points throughout the day. As well as dividing people into more manageable groups of 333 it also brought the Bring it On message to life.

The Competitions

There were three main games at the event. First was a pair of basketball hoops, where people would compete to score the most baskets. Second was a test of how fast people could kick a ball. Lastly we had the Cyclone, a small enclosed space where large fans blew tickets around which players had to catch.


We had dedicated cheerleaders performing unique Three and Bring it On chants to drum up excitement throughout the day.


Senior Three staff took to a purpose-built stage, flanked by two giant 10m screens to present the company’s plans for the year ahead.

Bespoke film

We created an introductory film, celebrating Three’s history and highlighting the times the company has achieved industry firsts, to generated hype and excitement for the event. We handled everything from story boarding to producing an original soundtrack and animations.

The party

Evening entertainment kicked off with live band RPJ followed by a DJ set, creating the ultimate London party atmosphere.

Bring it on.

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