CIM Marketing Excellence Award Agency of The Year

The Brief

Following the hugely successful Rebellion campaign, our client Radeon – owned by microchip giant AMD – asked us to create a proof-of-concept campaign to celebrate the launch of the Radeon Pro 400 Series graphics cards, and its inclusion in a high-end notebook. Radeon initially wanted the project as a showcase and didn’t intend on producing it. However, after seeing our work, the company thought it was too strong to keep as a concept and asked us to create it for real.

The campaign had to work across print, digital and POS.

The Creative

The target audience for Radeon Pro use the product in a broad range of genuinely fascinating ways, including VFX specialists, engineers, press photographers, graphic designers, scientists exploring the unknown and filmmakers. (To name just a few.)

We knew the breadth of work being done with the card would run far deeper than any advertising campaign ever could. We wanted to tell those stories. We wanted to introduce people to The Creators.

We launched the campaign with a focus on three people’s work. They were New York based VFX artist Jamie Scott, PhD Spatial Analyst Researcher Flora Roumpani and Cognitive Neuroscientist Steve Fleming. Structuring the campaign this way also allowed us to tie together work from disparate industries without muddling the message about who the Radeon Pro is for.

We celebrated our three creators with powerful short films, telling the story of each creator and how they push the boundaries of possibility using the most advanced technology available to them. One of these films – despite the campaign being largely B2B – earned 4th place in Campaign’s viral advert chart, beating B2C campaigns from the likes of BMW, Microsoft and Mercedes.

To increase the reach of the campaign Creators all over the world were invited to share their work on Instagram. They’d then have the opportunity to collaborate across a variety of fields, learn new tools and techniques for their respective crafts and have a chance to be filmed in future phases of the Radeon Pro promotional drive.

A dedicated website is the focal point of the campaign, hosting the films and in-depth interviews with the Creators. A global social media campaign drove traffic to the site, led by a dedicated Instagram influencer programme by partner agency, Tailify.


What We Delivered

Creative direction
Project management

Point of sale
Digital banners
Website skins
Campaign website design & build
Campaign films
Campaign toolkit for partners


Results:  10.1M Impressions / 1.89M Views / 31,612 Clickthroughs

Results:  5.98M Impressions / 1.14M Views / 9,211 Clickthroughs

Results:  31.18M Impressions / 361,896 Engagements

Results:  3.7M  Impressions / 226K Clickthroughs

Total delivered
Equals 179% of estimated expectations


Social Media

31.18 Million

Instagram Impressions

5.98 Million

YouTube Impressions

10.1 Million

Facebook impressions

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