CIM Marketing Excellence Award Agency of The Year

The Brief

After working on the advert for LG’s G5 smart phone, LG wanted us to create content to share on its Facebook page highlighting the phone’s wide angle lens and Virtual Reality (VR) capabilities.

The Creative

We made three videos in total, two focusing on VR and one focusing on the wide angle lens. They’ve all got an amusing and playful tone, designed to be short and clear enough to be shared on social media.

The two VR videos show on people getting caught up in their own virtual worlds, before revealing the more mundane situations they’re actually in. The first features a man driving a race car in VR and the second has a man skydiving.

We completed the entire project from pre-production (script, casting and location scouting) through to completion including filming, editing and the audio mix.

The third film focused on the wide angle capabilities of the LG G5. The phone can switch between two lenses at the touch of the button, and we played with the humorous idea of what could be lurking just out of frame.

This film involved the same work as the VR videos, however, we also had to work alongside park management to get a dive team to swim in the lake with the shark fin prop.


The Summary

Wrote script



Organised filming permits in public locations

Organised casting

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