CIM Marketing Excellence Award Agency of The Year

The Brief

Off the back of our previous work with LG, the team asked us to edit its global smartphone commercial starring Jason Statham and localise it for the UK.

The Creative

Our first task was recording an English voice over and updating the title boards.

We also created some original assets. The phones shown at the end of the global advert differed to the ones available in the UK. We had to design and animate 3D models of the phone to match the specifications available over here.

We worked with distributions agencies in the UK to get the commercial playing at peak times on major channels including Sky, ITV and C4.

Finally, we created a surround sound edit for use in cinemas around the country.

The Summary

Designed and animated 3D models


Localised for UK audience

Recorded voice over

Mixed surround sound and outputted for cinema

Worked with distribution companies

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