CIM Marketing Excellence Award Agency of The Year

The Brief

Following our successful window installations for LG at Selfridges we were asked to create a semi-permanent installation in the prominent “John Lewis Presents…” area of the flagship John Lewis store on Oxford Street, to be live from December to March.

The purpose of the installation was to publicise the recent partnership between LG and Sky Q (offering customers a Sky Q subscription with the purchase of either an OLED or Super UHD television). This was done by showcasing the range and quality of televisions/sound systems available from LG, as well as the range of content available with a Sky Q subscription – and by extension, how great the Sky Q content looks on an LG television.

LG Discovery Installation

The Creative

LG wanted something more memorable than typical move of putting a television at each end of the space with some chairs in the middle. We used the space to its full potential and in one night transformed it into a visual and audio sensation.

At one one end we created a ‘Discover Area’, which contained six LG televisions from the OLED and Super UHD ranges, each playing a selection of content available with Sky Q. The televisions were arranged like paintings in a gallery, rather than the usual grid layout. The content was a snapshot of the variety available with Sky Q – from original dramas such as The Young Pope, Premier League football and the latest movies.

At the other was a ‘Sensorial Area’, which contained a 65” OLED E6 showing a variety of content. The TV was housed in an enclosed area which had background scenery projected onto the three walls which reacted to the on-screen film, giving the impression the view was stepping into the programme’s world.  This was further enhanced by ambient sound accompanying the projected scene.  For example, one of the snippets of content was a documentary on tigers. The content projected onto the walls was of the surrounding jungle, with the sounds of birds and leaves rustling in the wind.

It resulted in a truly immersive experience promoting Sky Q and LG products to customers in an innovative way. Crucially it made them stand out in an extremely competitive retail space.

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