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Working with The Liminality Group

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As part of our continued work with youth charity, The Liminality Group, we opened our doors for another week of intensive work experience. 

Careers advice in our country is woefully inadequate. There’s a huge disconnect between the limited amount children are taught about careers and the vast range available to them. At best this can result in an unpleasant jolt when it’s time to start job hunting and reality kicks in.

But for children in inner-city, under-served schools, where poverty and the lure of crime – both socially and financially – are often defining factors, the results can be devastating.

Beyond celebrity careers they have no idea of the broad roles in our world, or that it’s almost always about vocational experience, not endless higher education that matters. It’s hard to pursue a career you don’t know exists.

We’re passionate about the issue of agency diversity. It’s also something that’s regularly talked about in our industry press but the discussion always misses one incredibly important point: these children are never taught that marketing is an option for them.

That’s why we work with a charity called The Liminality Group, which uses direct education programmes to help divert at-risk children away from negative role models. A big part of that is showing these kids there are alternative careers available to them. Our industry is exciting and inspiring and I’ve personally seen young faces light up at the prospect.

We’ve just finished hosting our third intensive work experience week for the children The Liminality Group works with. These work as trial runs of what we’d expect them to do in a role.

As a full service agency we’re fortunate to have lots of different services so they can move from film partnerships to video production to graphic design into live events. Personal experience is the best education, it makes opportunities real and become a real life goal that can help young people stay on track with their education.

This is something we want to see other companies – whether they’re advertising agencies or not – doing more of. Forget quotas and instead open your doors to young people. It may only be a week, but at least it opens their eyes to the idea of a job that might inspire them.

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