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B&D builds on revolutionary narrative for tech giant Radeon with new film

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Brand & Deliver has created a 90-second film revealing the next chapter in the Radeon Uprising narrative for global graphics card manufacturer Radeon Technologies Group, to announce the firm’s highly anticipated new VEGA architecture.

In June 2016 Radeon incited a revolution in gaming, calling for the defeat of end to end solutions and urging gamers to fight for openness, sharing and freedom of choice. In a deliberate move away from standard gaming advertising, populated with product images and slogans, Radeon Uprising tapped into the passion and enthusiasm of the ‘everyday gamer’ mentality, combining the look and feel of revolutionary propaganda with real-world accounts of gamers.

Continuing the revolutionary narrative, VEGA is the platform from which the newly liberated gaming population can install their vision for a new and better future.

Set on the morning after the uprising, the 90-second commercial is shot from the perspective of a young drummer boy wondering the now-deserted streets, fluttering with propaganda, before discovering an abandoned warehouse piled high with revolutionary drums inciting gamers to ‘Make Some Noise’.

With VFX support from London and New York based agency Taylor James, Brand & Deliver shot the film entirely on location in Hackney and handled production in house. Viewers are directed to the architecture preview website and take part in an easter egg hunt competition to win Radeon VEGA graphics cards, which attracted 76,000 entries in four hours.

Ben Gallop, CEO of B&D, said: “We enjoyed remarkable success over the last year with Radeon following a simultaneous rebrand and the launch of the Uprising campaign in summer 2016. It was important to continue our approach of high-concept story-telling, and so we created a transitional narrative that moves us on from the Uprising story and teases the gear-shift that VEGA will bring in the near future.”

Chris Hook, Senior Director of Marketing & Public Relations for Radeon Technologies Group, said: “This film perfectly positions us for the launch of the VEGA architecture later this year. With over 2m views of the film in the first 48 hours, ahead of any paid promotion, the community are clearly engaged and inspired by the conceptual, story-led content and the hidden details built into it”.

Radeon Technologies Group is the graphics arm of AMD, the world’s second largest chip manufacturer. Radeon makes graphics cards with innovative technologies that deliver supreme performance and intelligence, bringing more power to gamers and high end professional PC users.

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